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Get "Certified" With The Ask Database™
And Watch How Fast Your Client Billings Soar!

The Next 3-Class Session Starts August 9th, And Continues
August 11th, & August 16th 2005

Dear Webmasters,

We've never met, but we do know two things about you:

  1. You are looking for faster, better, more time-efficient ways to generate additional income with your current Web design clients.
  2. You leave a boatload of money on the table by not having secondary sources of income other than time-intensive Web design projects.

Members of the ASK Database™ understand the power of asking to find out what their prospects and clients want and need.

The challenge for many members is trying to implement and design a campaign that matches or "fits" into their web site to make it successful.

This is where you come in...

Being a successful webmaster already, you know the importance of keeping up with today's ever changing technology. You also realize the importance of being able to offer your clients and prospects ways to have a more successful web site.

Imagine if you could make $10 a month, month after month, for each client for you've designed Websites.

Sound like a pipe dream?

We thought so too until we took a closer look at some of the Web designers currently promoting the ASK Database.

Here's how...

A webmaster with ASK Certified™ status allows you to display a "Certified" Logo on your web site letting the world know that you are indeed ASK Certified™.

This logo place strategically on your Website could mean hundreds, even thousands of more dollars in cash profits.

Being well versed in the ASK Database™ allows you to "Promote" The ASK Database™ to your clients and customers showing the benefits and potential income possible for them by using it.

In doing so you earn the business of your clients as well as the ASK Database™ membership commissions for that client joining the ASK Database™ for the lifetime of their stay as a member.

In essence that is win-win situation for you and a winning situation for you client.

The Ask Database Team offered the most detailed training program that I have ever been involved in. It has been a great learning expereince, and I look forward to sharing this terrific oppurtunity with my clients.

April Barnard

Another benefit of becoming an ASK Database™ Certified Webmaster is you get listed in the Ask Database™ Certified Webmaster Directory.

This directory will be available to ASK Database™ Members who are in need of such services. That means clients will be coming to you instead of you looking for clients.

What could be better than that!

Register Now For A 3-Part Teleclass To Get Certified!

Next Class Dates are August 9th, August 11th, & August 16th 2005

So by now you are asking, what does it cost to be ASK Certified™; What will I learn; and who will teach me?

Here is your answers!

The ASK Database™ Certification is only $99 if you are an ASK Database™ Member (and why wouldn't you be? Isn't the first question your clients will ask is "Do you use it?"). And $199 if you are not An ASK Database™ member.

In Three 1-1/2 hour webinar's You will learn:

  • Case Studies of how the ASK Database™ is used.
  • The ASK Database™ Interface
  • Where to find the features
  • ASK Database™ campaign types and usage with examples
  • Selling points of the Ask Database™
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the ASK Database™ Silver & Gold packages
  • Inserting ASK Database™ Code into an existing page and thank you page options.
  • Using the template builder in the ASK Database™.
  • Audio Generator Variables
  • Hot to use images for buttons
  • Form field explanations
  • Form field validation
  • Using scripts to populate a name on the thank you page.
  • Hidden form fields
  • Form error handling
  • Previously unrevealed form handling options
  • Chained/Branching ASK Campaigns
  • Macro-Campaigns
  • Summary/Q&A
  • About WebMaster affiliate usage
  • Account usage for webmasters
  • About Certified webmaster forum access / usage

Register Now For A 3-Part Teleclass To Get Certified!

Next Class Dates are August 9th, August 11th, & August 16th 2005

The ASK Database was created by a partnership between Alex Mandossian, Frank Deardurff III and Zachary McCullough. Alex Mandossian is a Master Trafficoligist; Frank Deardurff III a Graphic Artist / Webmaster / Network Consultant; and Zachary McCullogh a Network Consultant / Webmaster / Programmer.

Your instructors for the ASK Database™ Certification program will be Zachary McCullough, Frank Deardurff III and Larry Swank (Lead Programmer for the ASK Database™.)

Your certification will consist of the 3 1-1/2 hour webinars and a certification test. Upon successful completion of the test you will receive your Certified Logo, linked with your affiliate ID. An ASK Certified™ Certificate and a Listing in the ASK Database™ Certified Webmaster Directory.

The next step is up to you!

Register Now For A 3-Part Teleclass To Get Certified!

Next Class Dates are August 9th, August 11th, & August 16th 2005

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